Code analysers as PHP Code Sniffer, and coding standards as WordPress Coding Standards, allow to create a modern, easily maintainable code, and avoid multiple errors even during writing of the code. They are indispensable for team development of a project. These tools are embedded into PhpStorm – modern powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

At the same, many novice developers have troubles installing PHP Code Sniffer analyser and WordPress Coding Standards in PhpStorm on Windows. Information is dispersed by many articles in the Internet.

Below, we will join information on it in one place and show installation sequence step by step.

Is it possible to “squeeze out” a high performance from a WordPress site? Our answer is yes! In this article, we show how to set up a WordPress site configured to sustain high loads up to 10,000 clients per second, which equates to 800 million visits a day.

First, we need our own virtual private server (VPS). For testing we used a VPS leased from DigitalOcean (monthly rate USD 20) with the following parameters: 2GB of memory, 2 processors, 40GB on SSD. CentOS Linux release 7.3 has been chosen as the operating system.

The text below is almost a step-by-step instruction for experienced administrators. We will provide here only those parameters, which differs from default ones, and increase server performance. So, go ahead!